Between Crossroads, Streams, Gaian Remedies iii

by AnimaLaughter

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released April 27, 2015




AnimaLaughter Worcester, Massachusetts

A constellation of songs and stories reimagining the ever-changing boundaries of our realities and inspired world

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Track Name: Inanna
The Day is getting late; Tulip, Daffodil, sitting somber in their graves.
And as the sun sets softly on a silent sullen world stage,
Wind whistles through dry leaves
And a voice is found to be heard.

With the shadows slowly rising and the colors drawn out,
My synesthetic sense of self deemed its beyond reasonable doubt
That the Garden’s still around us rooted in the night sky
And if you listen like a fox you can almost hear the birds cry.
My shadows standing now and she’s looking me in the eye
Her skin turns to scales, form resembles that of a snake.
She makes a sweet sound as she recalls to me her curse
That the silence she is suffering from, has finally run its course.
She says it the end of the era of our subservience to men
The power of the moon will enable us to rise again.
Let go of the questions you have for so long strived
There’s plenty of proof of the Goddess, just take a look inside.

She begins to breathe the life right out of me
Leaving vortexes in my heart, now she’s used me up.
A king through union, now an empty husk
Sacrificed for her Majesty to cycle on.

And she slithers towards me now,
Whispers a soft secret as she lays me down.
You’ve come so far but rest my child,
“You’re Death is here with us!”
In you, as in Me, your consort and wife
Beguiler, beloved muse,
“It is I who will take your life!”

And as my soul slips away, light tears through my form,
Becoming night and day, I am reborn.
She’s sky watching over me, water of eternal love
Mother of all being embraces me in her tender arms.
Track Name: Magic
I hop from foot to foot- casting spells like a blue-footed booby in a ritualistic dance
My mate cranes her neck, she’s giving me that paradoxical Eye.
She pauses for a second then understands
To play with the pulsation you gotta move your hands
Craft the shapes you wanna see.

Magic mirrors, anti matter all the possibilities
You could imagine are taking place simultaneously
There are labyrinths made of glass reflecting out their image
Of entanglement you’re suffering from in the intestines,
You gotta find the right blade for you, sharp enough to stab
Stick it deep into your gut, twist it around and around
And kill that throbbing thing residing within you, you’re the only one to do it.

Once you dispel yourself from the pain you’ll see how things change
Like the visions you once knew are always transforming you
The manner by which we speak, and the ways in which we move
Our communion with the world, the Great Mother Earth and her brood

All in time, all in time, all in time, All one time, all one time.
All at once, all at once, all at once, all it wants, all it wants.

We can shout out loud from the mountaintops to bring about rain storms
Our voices are just thunder cracks, distant echoes of the wind/void
To resonate and reverberate across valleys of space and time,
A sonic prayer to disturb the ceaseless ranting of our minds.

Limited by the conditioning of eternal youth, the magic of speech to articulate the incomprehensible through sound- in sound- all in time, all in time. All at once all at once, all it wants all it wants. The time is soon for spells. The time is soon.
Track Name: "for animals everywhere else, Satan, quite obviously, is Homo sapiens"
There’s this notion long standing about our hearts-
That if you delve deep enough into the dark, there’ll be a light to guide you in the labyrinths on your mind. Which is wrong!
For I Barsanuphius declare that all you have is you and the spirits you conjure up to get you through this daring escapade of will
for the world rests upon your shoulders and shrug for if you do
that silhouetted tree on the horizon will crumble before you.

But don’t look back!
On the archetypes or they’ll smash you apart.
We’re animals playing as people who’ve known all along
That the land is not property
You should only trade with the Earth what you need
And I can’t believe, that our one species, is being so ridiculous.

Now finally we can watch our garden die, from capital effect and rampant pesticides,
In the air there’s an ear splitting din, raised by a million screaming voices faced with extinction.
There’s yet to be such a widespread population,
Insatiable requests required by seven billion people
Look what our minds have achieved
Rivers running dry, deaths of countless seas.
And ecological war I don’t believe.
City lights washing out all the stars,
Stripped of their brilliance by flashing screens.
Can you feel it! I’m sure that something is coming.
I can barely breathe.
The destroyer mother returns and eternal darkness descends upon everything.
Track Name: Wandering River Spirit
I talk to the river

Speak out with the River, let it move through you

Stop, be still; Within the currents
Track Name: Terraforming
Double Up, grab a bag. Can’t you hear that lull settling on the Land? Has grown so quiet animals wait and watch our catastrophe as we waste our collective destiny. They’re warning us the waters will rise, but there remains nothing for us to do.
Except understand what it means to live inside the Eairth, Who and What, When, Where We Are. And the meaning of Life is the story in itself, the way all things are alive, knowing one day we’ll all combine.

-I am just a body reflecting light, touch my bark and I will shake sending fractals through your eyes.
-What will it take to get our minds back in line, outside of time to see and sense our corporeality?
-Remember how it used to be when we live as one with the sea and the land and all that is or could ever be?

After the second Great Flood is done, the Eairth will turn to desert like it once was.
And the seas will wash away the land, invoking another mass extinction.

Matter and Life aren’t as different as they seem, cause energy is just as eager as you and me, its all creatively attracted to form community.

And just like before it won’t get to cold or too hot
For Gaia is a mastermind when it comes to this coevolution stuff
She’s primed herself for survival she’ll only take the best adapted of us.

-The overmind will consume us all back to her womb, to give love and life another chance of cohabitance.
-I wonder what we’ll look like in a million years, when we’re more fit for life?
-How long does it take to become aware of life, living freely like a saint, a warden of the Eairth?
How long does it take to become aware of life and the panpsychic presence of VALIS.
We’re all living information as spelled out by light, open up your dark senses and see the synchronicity of all form and shape and time and space, just take one step further back to see. Our sentence is up.
Track Name: Dreaming Consciousness
I can feel a chill creeping down my spine,
as a sweet toothed vampire hovers by my side.
My sap begins to glow like slow falling snowflakes
A thick adhesive river glowing on your hands.

As if I’d unknowingly caused you harm.

You say the sky’s starting to look grey
That the rain doesn’t feel so soft on your skin
The Sunset does not look as it once did
No, the Moon does not look as she once did.

We’ve acidified all the oceans and keep turning up the heat
The ozone layer is increasing the atmosphere swiftly dissipating
It’s up to us if we want to save ourselves
Gaia will save herself!

We sure as hell know what we’re doing; talkin’ about it all the time.
It’s all that we’ve created it’s all in our minds.

All hope and hyperempathy is right there with all that we could ever need.
Cause we’ll always have our intuition stems from the Great Mystery.

And if you pay close attention to the present time,
you’ll feel the world inside of you- as it streams through your eyes!
And I’ll see you as you stare right back at me
Through fathoms of space so great, I can’t barely begin to contemplate
The neural fires running rampant in our skulls
The intricacy that allows us to relate and perceive dancing photons
And what it means to see in patterns of light, as you wave, you ripple through me
Engulfing my soul you shatter my whole being with
Your splendor, your magnificence, the sense you send with fingertips
the lightning in your looks, and the twister way you say your love in wrathful breeze
but ensure a complacency for your
methodology a cybernetic system you know to work
to keep you alive and well a regulating
intent for your soul betterment.
With mountains piled to the sky and ceaseless currents to keep ample supply
And provide for all the things struggling to survive
That’s the Law of Life and there is no way
Out of it except through death, and even then you’re that much more
A part of it as it builds in you, and you in it and just
Like that taunting myth of Sisyphus
You gotta do what you can to create something from the nothingness
Like stars above seeking to allure, stratify atomic seeds to
Spawn new worlds creating conflicts in universal spheres;
Or the people who share love circulating a prayer for peace,
To help preserve placidity, our patience will give Life a chance at endurance.

My bark ripples now as they retract their fangs,
Leaving my soul intact for another day
But across the silence I hear whispering
That everything is still OK.

A final stand to put things back the way that we found them
To just let go and accept the natural course of life and death
And view our achievements from a higher field of consciousness where
We can see, the playgrounds for the trees, sustainable bioregionalties
Revere our place in Nature, nevermore acknowledge our exile from a
Holy place as if seeking new enlightenment
Was some sinful satan-istic thing
From the likes of which we’d never flee-
well I will not suffer for an eternity cause I know-

She loves me so.