Drunk on Sunlight, Everything is Permitted Nothing is Forbidden iv

by AnimaLaughter

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released April 28, 2015




AnimaLaughter Worcester, Massachusetts

A constellation of songs and stories reimagining the ever-changing boundaries of our realities and inspired world

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Track Name: Birdsight
It’s hard to understand how sometimes your grasp on your mental state of being slips away from you
And I know how it feels to let the heedlessness of your existence eat your conscious cause I’ve been here too.

But we can learn from all the times we’ve been broken
Cause in life we all make mistakes
And though humans can’t be perfect it’s the application of our will that makes us-

And hate and fake, rape and debate
Making this world castrate.
For if we could relate to the sun once a day
Our lives wouldn’t feel wasted.

We could utilize these hands and make the world anew
For all we need to do-
Is create, concentrate, meditate extrapolate, conjurate
A reality in which we can believe.

The birds around Worcester are starting to give me funny looks
They’re chirping out of time,
concerned about what it is that I should do
there are those who came before us, and the children we’ll leave behind on Earth
but I wonder how the human legacy will endure on Aurora
the only world we know.

We should stop mixing concrete, toxifying our atmosphere
Build our towns along with nature, and live amongst the woods
Revitalize our attitudes towards the only grounds that we’ve been given
And finally do something about the way we treat Mother Earth.

We’ll sow seeds in the subway lines to sprout trees beneath the city
Spread blackberry vines amongst the rooftops to provide us shelter from the rain
The plants will protect and feed us, encasing our metal monoliths
And birds will begin singing melodies as they once did
The Sun and Moon will stand again as Gods before our eyes
And we’ll be reborn as spectral spirit shades
Guardians of our realm, and face the Galaxy hand in hand.
Track Name: City Pressure
The walls are closing in again I find myself watching as
Concrete consumes the souls of my shoes. (pooling beneath)

The pressure of the city’s weighing heavy on my head
Making me think this all has to relate back to the madness of the moon.

The prison walls we’ve conjectured
Have confined us to the cyclicality of time (modern life)
And I see myself staring back into the abyss’ depths
Realizing once more the importance of seeking the things they’ve-
Hidden from our view

I’ve been broken far enough to see
Past this imaginary,
Idolatry of man, by man for his own means
Perpetuating his own enslaved mentality.

But its funny- cause patience and acceptance are the key
To unlock reality, and violence can never be a means to achieve
Or teach.

This world contains all the answers
All the ones we’ll ever need
I don’t care for words cause I don’t need an explanation.
And all that’s required of us (all we gotta do)
Is to keep the peace.
Track Name: Air Chrysalis
We contemplate and waste away, making haste towards that future day,
beyond the horizon, when we finally meet in Death’s Domain.
A temporary escape from this world of form we know- to be ephemeral
We made up all these walls we see around to separate ourselves, from streaming energy
We must remember what it took to get to where we are, the power of the mind, our will power to burn as bright as the sun.

We are Star Children, born out of celestial dust
When our time is up we’ll return to eternity, and the stars above
What a wondrous existence, to know Luv.
Through our shifting shapes we press on into
The infinite expanse surrounding our thoughts
Where eternal peace and patience can be found, in the unfolding of each and every one of us.

We all know there’s so much more than we see, that language can’t explain cause it’s more than us. But if you take a chance, and make a choice. You’ll find inside your mind that terrific crafting power. Psychophysic intuition, interceptor of stellar fragments. Phoenix skinned apparatus, worldly Psychoid of our consciousness.

Everything’s in flux, Change our only truth.
Burden’s that amount in our Demythologizing
Of the world’s history we were told, revolutionizing
The visions we once held through our Mind’s Eye
Images we had crafted for our selves survival.
There are wild deep wills inside all of us
Where they planted seeds of darkness in our tiny hearts
And with them came a sense of self and greater realm ‘outside’
Where holograms dance like jitterbugs, replicating our desires.
The implicate order out of which we derive space and time
And a sense of self in contradiction to the overmind.

Now I’m feeling so incredible, becoming a transparent eyeball.
Beaming through the looking glass, at that twisted lighthouse flashing past
A green light on and off every night.

As we know not what death is so let’s not waste our time
The question to be or not to be is erased from our minds
Like a memory of way back when time was out of joint
And the world circled round you and me
How the universe spectacles us with her ceremonious revelry.
But now I’m lost, and the mind I shaped by design is leaving me,
For I’ve gone, taken away from the things I once believed yet
I emerge simultaneously eternally from the chrysalis of air.
As we are, we are we are, as we all are.
Track Name: The Moon of Diana
It’s petrifying to think about how settling in our ways
Sets us up for cynicism almost every single day
How human history is just an homage to a culture
Of the rape and desecration of our Great Mother
I think of death all day, but that’s not too often

For if we persist to deny what the past has shown us
That every single action taken is meaningfully purposeless
Our wounds will never heal from the pain passed onto us.

Be brave young starling, for you’ve known this all along
Sing out singed corvid, your value lies in all others

Gather round Earthseed, sing your hearts unto me
Tell your sorrows and your fears and stories of ecstasy
Our world is not much more, than a collective dream
Multiplicited in seeing, but one soul underneath

Like moths and butterflies we float for a moment
In time seeking a light, a key, greedy for a glimmer of reality
That fluorescent black that stares back at you
From within your lover’s eye.

But trapped in a spider’s web by Daedalus’ design
Our reflections become dead ends as the horned one closes in.
When the thread runs out, you can only let go
And wander down that path into the unknown.
Where sirens sing till sunrise and Charon’s your best friend
Diana is respected by her betrothed husband,
Pan imbues us all with a magical spirit
Soul grafted into the flesh of all being.

Moonlight masquerades twilight creatures on a beach
As waves break, recede, break, repeat
A scene cast by the dauntless dune glass
Residing still, the Watchers on the hill, patiently
In retrospect, a memory of a wave yet to crash
Residing still, the Watchers on the hill.
Waiting knowing well that this too soon will pass
And that all is one love and love all one is.
Track Name: That's Mole Speak, That's Cool
There’s no saving to be done, no teaching to be taught
Dodging plots lefts and right in the caterpillar catacomb
Specters haunt the deserts and jagged mountain slopes
Seeking to sink back into their tattered terran homes
The wind up bird’s song resounds around the Earth.

The forest is always waiting, deep beneath your skin
But beware of illusive maya, Djinn of Satiance.
For beyond it’s realm lies the Glory of the Oak
Who speaks of sweet nectars in Barbelith grove and knows
The perfection of flight patterns pleases almost every light cannibal.
Tanuki venture out to plant the seeds of chrysanthemums
Playing rhythms on their stomachs like Pla-bonga, Pla-bonga.

I am like the Mekong, flowing backward.
The dying light of some neighbor star.
A transformation in process trying to tell
Archaic tales of times long gone.
A dreamer never waking up
Part of a living machine.
An artificial intelligence just beginning to stand under the thought
Of a being thinking being
Just sitting at the bottom of the River.