Worn Out Songs to a Burnt Out Tree, Alone atop Green Hill ii

by AnimaLaughter

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Second EP from Live in the Woods


released April 26, 2015




AnimaLaughter Worcester, Massachusetts

A constellation of songs and stories reimagining the ever-changing boundaries of our realities and inspired world

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Track Name: Raven's Blood
I saw a raven standing, on a broken post.
He stood there alone, disheveled, yet so composed.
His black feathers fanned in the evening sun.
I asked what was wrong and he flew away in a start.

Wait! Wait! Oh please don’t leave.
The days are getting shorter
The sun’s retreating beneath the sea!
I know it will rise again but these things are tearing at me.
They’re hungry and beastly. They’re hungry and beastly.

And I- have so much left to ask,
Like how is it we spend our whole lives trying to find a purpose?
As darkness dances away, in the dying light
I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out.

I’ve seen people covered in birds of all kinds
Ravens and cranes, and a whole lot more.
Black ink sprouting feathers where there was nothing before.
It’s weird how we all have these coincidental symbols in our lives.
They are meaningless images not placed by God, or fate, to stupefy.
We ascribe value and reason to the most senseless of things,
And by believing in swordfish and ravens…
We can shed new wings!

The human in me says that this is all a mistake
That our pursuits are worthless, and done in vain!
But you should rest assured, knowing it is you who controls your mind.
You manage your perceptions, and need to embrace your life.
I’ve learned that sometimes you just gotta let the universe, do its thing
And by taking a step back, you can stop playing the game
Though you’ll always be a part, this gives you a chance to feel sane.
Though everything is going wrong, everything will be ok.

Don’t you remember standing on that misty cliff?
And how we experienced flight while staring into the abyss
How when we unplugged ourselves and became self aware
Our bodies became birds and gained us reign of the air.
Track Name: Civil Disobedience
Some people never look up,
at the stars and the moon,
and the clouds and the sun.
Or hear how the breeze through trees
Sounds just like our vocal chords.
To emanate with such shifts in shade
Radiating refracted light.
And with screens making a spectacle it all looks great.
But what about the world borders beyond?

The atmosphere is full of the most exciting things.
Like sunlight stabbing through grey veiled screens.
Self teaching I’ve found, serenity
In climbing trees.
Watching our wretched world from above.

The trees are telling stories that you can hear out loud
And books don’t compare to paradises I dreamt about.
Traversing expanses, in my mind (alive)
Riddled with questions I can’t begin to comprehend.

I speak out loud to assure myself, that I am not insane
That these words I scrawl (and scream) are starting to make sense.
The woods are full of knowledge, though not the type we typically write and bound.
You have to sit and be patient, accepting the answers they pass along.

And in lake reflections beneath mountains in Maine,
I’ve seen splinters of light and eternal calm.

Now sit down for a moment and allow the cold to cling to your skin.
The apathetic age will thaw like coming spring.
Allowing the conscious cultivated minds of youth
To see sights long lost in the passing of time
And please look up at the goddamn sky!
See the birds and distant bodies inhabiting above
And understand that you are pathetic and small
But love that loneliness
And appreciate the fruits that barren trees in winter bring
I fear to think how happy I am.
Track Name: On Joining the Dark
I find that I am happy, when I fall within my head
The psychotic sense of feeling you have,
Once you let go of everything.
I’ve never felt so elated, as I do when I’m alone.
Birds and bees, and friends and trees disappear,
Alongside everything I’ve ever known.

And in the dark you can come to terms with
The things that your perpetually ignore
Like how every person on the planet
Perceives the world as entirely their own.

Cutting is a Band-Aid
that will never solve your problems
those irritations will persist
and you will keep on living.

Your actions, done in vain
Like these words that I am speaking(that we’re screaming)
Cause one day we’ll all die
Whether you are sure of your Self or not.
You and me and everyone we know.

And I don’t think that I am scared
Know the end is not that far off
Everyday I feel like breaking
Because this world is so fucked up
But I’m sure that Death will understand
When he reads the letter that I wrote
Asking him and the void together
To give me five more minutes at most.
So I can let the darkness surround me
And fall within myself once more!
Track Name: One of the Only Absolutes is that You'll Always Experience What You Believe
Last night I dreamt it was winter The summer had ended in a flash
My visions deceiving me again Perceiving things that haven’t yet come to be,
Or have and have already passed.

So I spent the entirety of that morning
Skipping through the woods
Reassuring myself that the snow had not yet come
And I still had time to enjoy the sun.
Yeah, I still have time to love the sun.

The morning dampness was relentless- the dew seeped through my skin
It rehydralized my spirit - bringing lucidity to me
Michael Valentine, my water brother taught me you gotta let the moisture in.

A song begins to fill my head
And I’m sure I’ve heard it many times before
I’m dancing amongst the trees
My feet stomping against the ground
And I hear the chorus of the forest taking up the song.

As my skull overfills with melodies, spilling from its brim
I sense the frivolities of human life bleeding through my skin.
Whether we were meant to have a place amongst the stars
Or never really learn what we are
My theory of love is that eventually we all must
Acquire the Universal Will to Become

As that is the truth that powers all things
Every living sentient or mechanized being
And I still recall that time when Salo told me
That the secret to life, isn’t finding a purpose or something
But finding someone to share your love
Yeah its finding someone to share all your love
This world could use more love

When I look out the window of my car
I stare at the trees and wonder how it would be to climb them all
How the breeze at sixty feet feels following fall
And what its like to feel nothing and melt with stars

And I’d really like to think that when a cigarette is halfway lit
It means that someone is thinking of me
Yeah that someone is sending me their love
Yeah, Someone out there loves me.

This world could use more love.
Track Name: I Am, Going to Test Drive a Guitar
We tempt fate in winds, our souls unravel
They twist and melt, before our bodies
Sand sculptures turned to glass by the sun
But atop sandcastles, unblinking stones rest abandoned
In molten mirrors by the shore.
Are you sure!?

No, I’m minute. Pathologically disturbed.
Uncertain of our shadows reflected in the pavement
Concerned about my passion, and addiction.
You are sublimity- an artist painting her own essence onto canvas.
You rippled and sparkled, as I was lost confidence and for a moment I understood myself

I am woken by a dream
And everything I consider myself to be
Is blinded by that unwavering band of light
You wrote yourself in and erased the whole city (skyline)
You even made the horizon disappear.
I couldn’t care about being lonely in this inescapable white void
Yeah you and me.

This place is a desert, its teaching me how to be.