Alive at Moose Hill i

by AnimaLaughter

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A live recording from 'Moose Hill' pond on April 25; the first of a series of five recordings taking place in various wooded realms of the NorthEast.


released April 25, 2015




AnimaLaughter Worcester, Massachusetts

A constellation of songs and stories reimagining the ever-changing boundaries of our realities and inspired world

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Track Name: The Digi Destined
We are accidents of Matter and Happenstance
standing, shrugged, solemn, schizophrenic adaptations
seeking solace.
Indeterminable will working tethers from above
Fretful for the future- forgetful of today ashamed of
Instances we couldn’t care less about
From a long past time.

More concerned with lotus and apple eaters (Panem et Circenses)
Than the diminishing sizes of our brains
Prometheus, our Father, bringer of light forgotten
While Pandora’s jar of evils
runs rampant like an outbreak

Wrangled world, philosopher life
We sit and wait watch Nation states
All the neighborhoods (and towns and streets and cities and woods)
are starting to look the same.

Any ideology is a stranglehold
on the limits of your mind.

I swear- by my life and my love of it-
that I will never live for the sake of another man,
nor ask another man to live for mine.

Garbled junctures, misguided modes
Reality, it’s not honest-
so get up and find your own key.
I wrote this song specifically to remind you
Of your very own rationality.
Just think about it logically-
You couldn’t possibly be everything you’ve ever been led to believe.
Track Name: Tragedy
I stopped eating for three days
Because I swear, that’s what helps me think.
And by now I wish that you could finally understand
This side of me.

I want to remain completely conscious
Continue seeing space and time
And when you realize this,
Your life begins to look strange.

Friends features taking new forms.
Beware yourself and false entitlement
A crow trying to lead the murder.
For I’ve seen transcendence turn to travesty.
Friends lost to the massing swarm.

And I can only hate the things that I once loved.
And my dear, I fear, that I’ve told you on more than one occasion,
That all of this might not be real
You say I love you, and all I can say in response, is I know.
Track Name: Growing Up Horizontally
I’ve been trying to learn a little about myself
It seems I’ve spent all my life building up, to tear my Self back down.

For five long years I’ve been sizing up my ego
And I’m glad to see now, he’s fled.
I’m clawing at the skin, he placed over my eyelid
So I can see right again.

It’s such a relief to regain control over my body
And the thoughts spiraling around my head.
I’m feeling so empowered, collective potent energy
This earth, fields and streams and spirit, buried deep within ourselves.

And now I’m feeling so connected, to the natural world
I hear the song of the wind, pine and spruce, everywhere I walk.
Presently, I will have destroyed the way I used to hold my head up in the clouds.
I’ve discovered that the absurdity of life, is actually Pretty Sound.

Day never ends, sun is always shining
The darkness of the night sky makes the stars seem so bright.
Night never ends, moon is always rising
Darkness of the night sky brings out star light.
Track Name: My Meaning of Life
This day feels exactly just like yesterday and the day before,
And the day before, and the day before, and the day before
and the day before.
But I’m not bored, no I’m not bored
Because in every moment I find things to adore.

The song of frogs and birds and sleeping bag nights beneath the stars
Seeing comets streaking across the sky, earthworms move fore endless hours
The world is so large, and so fantastically small
Its beauty and mysticism available to everyone.

I couldn’t care any less that you don’t think like me,
But don’t blame me, for my partial privileged
Cause we’re all constrained byproducts of a time we live in
Sculpted from molds of space and emptiness
The world’s so formal and yet filled by silence.

Once upon a time we all budded from two single cells
Growing, growing, dividing, multiplying.
Cells develop in complexity and eventually achieve consciousness.

The Life you think you’re living is just looking through a lens
Time is forever flowing backwards, we’re just stuck here on this train.
I’ve lived and died a hundred times and know nothing to be real.
Cause everything I see and read are simple reflections of Light.
The smells and touch I experience, sporadic signals in the darkness
Cause when I close my eyes…
Track Name: Wallflower Outlaw
I’m starting to get sick of the human form,
My own shape and face and being.
Waiting like a wallflower, trapped society
An outlaw forever more!

I’ve been listening to the sounds surrounding me
Birds speaking breaths, wind singing
Water churning eternally beside foreign shores.

I thought of drowning as a choice I didn’t have to make
And that with my life I could do so much more.
Cause I can’t understand the content and satisfaction
Some people get from opening up their back door.
Or how easily people forget, there’s a whole world outside their head
So much more within/without to discover.

This phrasings infinite compared to the confines of your skull
Those thin walls of flesh protecting the light you so adore.
But your eyes will go blind eventually like mine
And those friendships you have made will all be erased.

Displaced lights inside faces,
Forgotten figments left in time
Permanency painted behind, shadows playing on walls

(Don’t you ever try to run, don’t you ever try to hide
Your skin is a prison and will fuck with your eyes I feel
Sensations with my senses and I know that I’m alive
And the only thing that’s real inside’s the incorporeal mind)

Prepare yourself to final accept fate,
Remember how infinitesimal is your reality;
You just got to be the best sports guy you can be.